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if your hands could speak what would they say?

Why cant we write to people we cant to write?

isn’t living already travelling through time?

Crossing the equator

Given the whirlpools rotate opposite directions in the two hemispheres, what happens when a waterspout crosses the equator (zero degrees latitude)?

How can people decide what to do with their lives when they are pressured by the fact that they only have one chance, one life, to do everything they ever want to do? How do we decide whether having a career takes precedence over falling in love, or whether traveling the world is more important than settling down in one place? What if we are nearing the end our life and we realize we lived it all wrong? Will we get a second chance? Or is death all that awaits us?

What defines beauty?

Anonymous said: Is anything realbor just an allusion?

What is love really?

A series of Deep questions.

What is Time? Is it just a concept created by man or is it really a constant that has been going on ever since existence started existing? What is existence? What would it feel like to not be here? What if when you died, the light at the end of the tunnel is really the light of the hospital room that you are being reborn in? What if when you die, your friends are shaking you saying “wake up, it was all a dream” and you had no previous memory of those people until now in that exact moment? What if that repeated? What if everything you know was all fake and everything that you know is FAKE and nothing is real????

A series of questions by Bob.

What can exist outside Space and Time?